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The Overcoming

In an experiment created from boredom, the author avatar of Nivlac has been made free of the control of his spirit counterpart. In his freedom, the avatar has switched to the side of evil, and has used his powers to gain control of the universe. It is up to the various cameos to stop him. ----- As stated, cameos are gladly accepted by this comic, as they are the only way to stop Nivlac. Check the news section for more information. ----- Updates on Fridays


Character cameo requirements

Alright, so it's obvious that I need cameos in order to do anything on this comic.

Characters must look nice. This means you can send in a pink Tails provided they look good, but not a sprite of sonic where you changed one shade to be brown. Edits and customs are welcome too.
Also you can bitmix. It will allow for more cameos.
You must have a decent and usable amount of poses.

What you need to do is PM me with the subject "Overcoming Cameo" or leave a comment here with the following.

Sprite (Just a link, no need to embed the image):
Full name of character:
Power/specialty (If the person can fly or is really good with technology):
personality (Be detailed here. The more I know about your character's personality, the better I can control them):
Any other information:

Also remember that I reserve the right to deny any characters from appearing.

posted by aqua the hedgie @ July 8th, 2013, 1:25 pm  -  8 comments

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